Setting Future Trends: Together we choose and develop
the best neurobiotech projects in Crypto-сommunity
Guiding investments into research and applied neurobiotech projects via cryptocurrency algorithms efficiently, responsibly and transparently.
All projects, which have been carefully selected and approved by the community, are supported by the NeuroDAO Foundation prior to, during and after ICO, including marketing/PR activities, development of smart contracts, compliance, exchange listing and full support at all project stages. In return, each implemented project provides a share of its released tokens for the Foundation, which are distributed among the NDAO token holders.
The NeuroDAO Foundation unites the community of crypto-investors for participation in research and applied neurobiotech projects. NDAO is a non-profit platform token designed for making investment decisions. Possession of NDAO tokens allows investors to share in the distribution of 5% of each project's tokens supported by the NeuroDAO Foundation. The bigger the amount of NDAO tokens in your possession, the bigger your bonus. Direct investment into the NeuroDAO Foundation's projects remains in the discretion of every backer.
Ongoing projects
Token: CRYO
Amount of tokens for NDAO: 5%

Token: BREM
Amount of tokens for NDAO: 5%
Token: IVC
Amount of tokens for NDAO: 5%
Forthcoming projects
Why NeuroDAO?
Neuro, as neuropotential, is our Mind, navigating us through reality, overcoming old barriers and opening up new opportunities in life. DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization and also means Way in Chinese philosophy.

Mindful Way.

About NeuroDAO
Harmonious development is the most important quality of an effective and productive life. There are many concepts of development, ranging from the abilities of a person and ending with all sorts of processes that occur around us.

Perhaps someone will say that she/he is already sufficiently developed and has all the necessary resources for further existence. However, many of us do not even consider the fact that our own smartphone gets updated on a daily basis and, in a sense, is developing beyond us. While some people seem to remain at the same level, although in reality undergoing a relative degradation.

So what are we aiming at? The point is that development is an ongoing and necessary process that has no limits of perfection, and therefore it is vitally important to develop. In this process we are happy to support you. After all, the time passed when it was necessary to wait or depend on external factors for big movement ahead.
Nowadays diverse processes that we can influence as well as all information networks and social interactions, which we are an integral part of, can be efficiently optimized by ourselves and simultaneously aligned with global information flows, and we can take advantage of this rare opportunity competently for the most effective personal and systemic development.

The NeuroDAO Foundation, which we are happy to present to you, is investing into research and applied neuro-biotech projects, focused on revealing true human potential.

And, as we are advancing personal and systemic development, you now have a unique opportunity to buy a ticket to future in the present, becoming manifest on the basis of efficiency, responsibility and transparency - the basic principles of the digital economy.
Foundation management
Zamir Akimov
Dennis Rysef
Hanesh Mehta
Yaroslav Loginov
Ustin Kolbin
Aleksei Levin
Director of Operations
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